Total Liquidation


              Water Filter ‘Big Blue’

20" Activated Carbon Block,  5 Micron Water Filter


20”x 4.5” Canister / Pressure Relief / One inch ports.

Water is one of the simplest substances known to man, yet

one of the easiest substances to contaminate. Often called

“the universal solvent,” water has a tendency to dissolve a

little of everything it comes in contact with, from beneficial

elements to harmful chemicals, minerals and other

contaminants. Some of these impurities occur naturally in

water while others enter water supplies through complications

with aging municipal water treatment systems, ground water

wells, or aging distribution systems. That’s why a growing

number of people are turning to “point of entry” or “ point

of use” water treatment systems to ensure clean, fresh water

throughout their homes.

Activated carbon filters are common home water treatment

appliances for problem water. They are most often used to

eliminate undesirable odors and tastes, organic

compounds,and residual chlorine.


is considered to be the most effective filter for

reducing a wide range of waterborne

contaminants, including those that may be

found in ground water.


A filter may contain carbon fines. After installation, flush the cartridge for five minutes to remove fines before

using the water.

*Filters: 6k in stock. Case (20),  47. Lbs. per case.

*Canisters: 1.4k in stock. Case (6), 31 Lbs. per case

*Approximate, final count at loading.

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